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Who needs the FL-140 Form?

The FL-140 Form is the California Declaration of Disclosure. California law obliges both persons involved in marital or domestic partnership actions to file the Declaration of Disclosure FL-140.

What is the FL-140 Form for?

As the legal regulations prescribe, a spouse or a partner is supposed to disclose the nature and extent of all marital/partnership assets, liabilities and debts to the other party at the beginning of the  marital dissolution, legal separation procedure so as to guarantee fair sharing of the common estate and reasonable child and spousal support compensations.

When is the FL-140 Form due?

This particular declaration of disclosure can be filed for two purposes: as Preliminary and as Final Declaration of Disclosure. When being filled out as the Preliminary Disclosure Declaration, the form should be directed to the other party as soon as possible prior to the judgement being granted. Typically it is provided along with the Summons and Petition for Divorce.

The parties must exchange their Final Declarations of Disclosure with each other at least 45 days in advance before the first assigned trial date or before a judgment is expected without a trial.

Should the FL-140 Form be accompanied by any other documents?

So far as the Fl-140  Forms serves more like a cover sheet to the package that must be submitted, here is a list of forms to fill out too:

  • Form FL-142 (Schedule of Assets and Debts);
  • Form FL-150 (Income and Expense Declaration);
  • Form FL-141 (Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure),

There is also the continuation if the required attachments indicated on the FL-140 Form itself.

How do I complete the FL-140 Form?

The following information must be provided on the filled out California Declaration of Disclosure FL-140:

  • The information abou the attorney;
  • The location of the Superior Court;
  • The Petitioner’s and the Respondent’s names;
  • Type of the declaration;
  • Case number;
  • The checklist of the attachments.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fl140

Hi there this is Tim Blankenship owner of SCB legal docketed through a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service specializing in the divorce process and serving clients all throughout Los Angeles County we've give us a call if you're looking for assistance and would like your divorce professionally prepared this is we are in step three still of the divorce process as outlined by the court system we're discussing today completing the declaration of disclosure step three is the preparation of your financial disclosures your schedule of assets and debts and your income and expense declaration which we've talked about in previous videos just to recap those forms are not filed with the court they're served on the other party and the form you are going to file will be the declaration of disclosure so let's take a look just as a recap of the court website to review we're at step 3 disclose financial information we've talked about the income and expense declaration and we've talked about these scheduled assets and debts now we're going to talk about this form here declaration of disclosure form and FL 140 when you prepare your income and expense declaration and your schedule of assets and debts those are served on the other party they are not filed with the court but you do however is filed as declaration of disclosure which basically tells the court I have served the expense income and expense and schedule of assets and debts so take a look at the declaration of disclosure here it is here so this is the form you're going to file with the court which invited them you've done this step again this is a necessary step so you're going to fill out the caption information here we've done this on all the videos in the past so I'm going to skip back this is a short form so we'll get through this quickly name address city state zip improper or self represented your phone number here the County of Los Angeles the address of the court and so forth petitioners name respondents name case number now this is yours you would say petitioners preliminary okay so it's petitioners preliminary declaration disclosure if you're the respondent it can be respondents preliminary declaration disclosure if it's the first time you're completing this form then it's going to be your preliminary so as I was mentioning do not file with the court it says both the preliminary and final declaration of disclosure must be served on the other party with certain exceptions neither disclosures file with the court so you can see I wasn't just making that up but you are going to file this form which indicates that that's been done here it says that the declaration of disclosure is required in all your legal separation action as well as in a dissolution action so it is required so on this form because this is going to be followed the court you're just going to simply say attached are the following a completed schedule of assets and debts work that box I completed income and expense...